This is an interim version of the Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum (TML 2016 beta), provided as an emergency measure since the unavailability of the 'classic' version of the TML (consequence of a malicious attack in December 2015), and while a new version is currently under the final stages of development. This site features only a few of the functionalities that will be available in the official release. Please understand the limitations of a resource still under construction; any feedback is always welcome, but at this stage we would be grateful if you could let us know especially about major defects in functionality.

Copyright notice

The data contained in the Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum (hereafter TML) is made available to scholars for non-commercial educational use and scholarship. It has been compiled from public domain and copyrighted materials. Copyrighted materials have been included in the TML by permission of the copyright holders, who reserve all rights to their materials. The TML claims copyright on the compilation, the encoding system, the Introduction, the TML Canon, and all individual text and graphics files created and edited by the TML staff from public domain or manuscript material. The TML believes that non-commercial use of the TML by scholars in searching for words and phrases would constitute "fair use" under the law. Nevertheless, the users of the TML are individually responsible for insuring that their own use of these materials does not violate the rights of any third parties. Neither Indiana University nor the Jacobs School of Music nor the TML Project Director nor any member of the TML staff shall be responsible for any improper or unlawful use of the materials contained in the TML.

Note on a few new features

A few of the features of the TML 2016 are available in this site. Users of the classic TML will notice some differences.
    The new search facility permits more flexible queries, including searching for a phrase, and narrowing down a query either to texts from published editions only, or to manuscript transcriptions only. Hints are given in the search page. Note that cookies must be enabled in your browser to search.
    In the results page, searched terms can be browsed (hightlighted) either in a summary view of matched lines ("See matches") or as they appear in the whole text ("Go to"). The summary view can be set as a default in the search page. The highlighting of terms can be toggled on/off in the reading page.
    A "quick search" (same syntax but no filters) is available on all pages of the site.
    The traditional indices by century can be sorted by TML siglum, author, or title. Please note that authors and titles still reflect attributions and denominations as they are presented in the TML files, i.e. as given in the editions/transcriptions sampled.
    In the reading view, graphics are accessed through the hyperlinks, as in the past, but are displayed as a picture gallery. The latter is also accessible for browsing from the navigation panel on the right.